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Outline of the Council for PET Bottle Recycling

Background of Establishment

In order to promote PET Bottle Recycling in Japan, the organization was established by PET bottle related industry organizations such as the Japan Soft Drinks Association, Japan Fruit Growers Cooperative Association, the Japan Fruit Juice Association, the Japan Soy Sauce Brewers Association, the Nippon Distillers PET Bottle Recycle Association and Japan PET Bottle Association.

Main Objectives

  1. 1)Promotion of PET bottle recycling.
  2. 2)Research and study of PET bottle recycling.
  3. 3)Advice and guidance for PET bottle recycling.
  4. 4)Cooperation with PET bottle recycling related organizations and associations.
  5. 5) Other activities to achieve the objectives of this Council.

Main Activities

  1. 1)PR activities to promote recycling.
    1. 1.Activities to provide correct understanding and information about recycling.
      For example, participation in exhibitions, Issuance and distribution of PR booklets, factory introductions by video and introduction of recycled products.
    2. 2.Cooperation with cities and towns for curbside collection.
      Door-to-door research in cities and towns and actual case study introductions.
    3. 3.Development of effective recycling system.
      Collaboration with related organizations.
      Research and study of actual cases in advanced countries.
  2. 2)Support for recycled products program.
    1. 1.Support for model recycling operation.
    2. 2.Preparation and distribution of recycling manual for municipalities.

Council Foundation Year

June 1993


The Japan Soft Drinks Association.
The Japan Fruit Juice Association.
The Japan Soy Sauce Brewers Association.
The Nippon Distillers' PET Bottle Recycle Association.
Japan PET Bottle Association.

Address (New)

Nikkei bldg. 2F
7-16 Nihonbashi-Kodenmacho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
JAPAN 103-0001

Phone: 81-3-3662-7591
Fax: 81-3-5623-2885